Our Commitments

It’s time for change. Collective Cymru has come together as a partnership to create a major new project set in a radically inclusive future, inspired by the Well Being of Future Generations Act.

To do so, our team and our process of making must be resolutely inclusive. We will tackle racial injustice, address economic and social inequity, and offer new solutions to overcoming existing barriers to participation and opportunity and promote equality.

To achieve this, we need to do things differently.

We’ve devised a set of working principles with our Creative Team, advisors and partners and informed by our experience of the project’s R&D period, which we will continue to revise and improve upon as we make this project for 2022 – sharing our experience and learning as we go.


We are anti-racist and anti-ableist.

As individuals and organisations we are committed to social justice and positive change. Our project will model change, our team and our process of making will authentically reflect and adhere to these values. We take on the responsibility to be good allies across all areas of our work, recognising that allyship is an on-going process of establishing relationships of trust, consistency and accountability to promote equality for all.

Lived experience will drive decision-making

Our project will be richer and more powerful when representative of, and informed by, a diversity of lived experience, particularly in Wales. We will consistently strive for our team (both our delivery team and creative team) to be representative of the people of Wales.

We are all responsible for inclusion

No one individual will be required to take on the responsibility of representation – it is a commitment shared by the whole team. We also recognise that our growing creative and delivery team will not hold all the answers. We have built a network of partners and advisors who will support us to ensure our processes are authentic, collaborative and accessible. These partners will also help us to understand how opportunity can be unlocked and sustained – how our project can be deeply rooted in changes already underway across Wales.

We will create conditions for creativity to thrive

We aim for our project to be representative of the dynamic, multilingual contemporary culture of Wales. This means that in platforming under-represented voices, this project will commit to understanding what different creative practices and perspectives need to thrive. We will recognise the power dynamics of any collaboration or commissioning relationship. We understand that an invitation to the party isn’t the same as being asked to dance or further still, being asked whether you want to host the party. We commit to working with participants, partners and creatives to build the best possible conditions in which to work together, to protect, nurture and support individuals’ well-being and personal development and we will regularly review where we need to improve these conditions and processes.

Always our first thought

We will embed inclusion into our planning with the appointment of an Inclusion Lead who will ensure that these principles are upheld in our process of making and producing. Critically we want to create a project that is open and accessible to all. We will consider how stories are told, by whom, for whom and we won’t ever consider inclusion as an afterthought.

We are accountable

We pledge to revisit these principles throughout our project, to report on our progress, acknowledge our mistakes, track our progress through data and feedback and share our learning publicly. To do so we will use both quantitative and qualitative data, feedback, sharing and regular check-ins with our partners and creative teams to assess our progress and we will publish how we are doing. We know that things won’t always go right, but we pledge to create the time and space in which to engage and to find solutions.

Our project will be open, original and optimistic about a radically inclusive future – but crucially, accountable for our role in bringing that future to life.

We welcome feedback and suggestions on our working principles. Please do contact us at collective@nationaltheatrewales.org if you’d like to share your thoughts.

We look forward to sharing how this process is going over the next 18 months on our website.