These first months of the project start with bringing together our new project team, engagement and production partners. Over the coming months, we’ll also be offering opportunities for artists, writers, technicians and designers to work as part of the creative team on the project. Our team includes both salaried staff employed on fixed-term contracts, freelance artists, writers, community organisers and advisors contracted on the project, and also individuals representing the partner organisations who are either seconded to work on the project, or who are delivering specific aspects.


Our aim is for this project to be ‘radically inclusive’ – by that we mean that we commit to engaging, learning, implementing actions and collaborating to ensure the project is inclusive at every level – from the way in which we work as a team, to the stories represented by our project, to the people who make, shape and experience the project. We believe our work will be stronger with greater diversity and we welcome applications from people with diverse lived experiences, bringing fresh perspectives and ways of working.  Our team encourages everyone to bring the whole person to work, and we understand  that  each of us bring distinctive knowledge, our backgrounds and our own unique lens  to what we do.


Here are the current opportunities open to application.